Sweet Dreams are made of this…


A chance to be who you are not!

Turning your imagination into reality. It’s something we love to do with you. 

John Klein Photography

Grand Illusions
And Some Very Wonderful People


I Love Movie Posters

Movie posters? 

Yes. Movie posters. I love today’s technology that allows me to creatively place a person or persons in a fictional story idea. I like to add humor, sometimes in a very subtle way.  Right now the concepts are all might, but input from others is accepted and encouraged.

So far, most of the photography is mine, except for a few of the backgrounds. Psychomaid background is from a hotel in Cleveland. The surfer background in The Last Mermaid was shot in Virginia Beach. Toby is main background for Katie Did. The rest of the backgrounds were taken from researched and purchased stock photos. Most of  the model photos were taken in the studio except for the Psychomaid which was shot onsite in the woods and then had the background removed.

If you can have an idea on where or what story you want, I look forward to hearing from you.



You are who you are.
We just make you better.


Who are these people?

I find that most successful portraits taken by me have one common factor. And that is that the model has become comfortable in posing. While for some it takes time, for others it is natural and immediate. Nothing makes it easier for the photographer than a model that wants to have their photo taken. Most sessions end up being very fun for both the model and photographer.

Many people are self-conscious about their appearance. “My nose it too big.” or ” My skin is not smooth” and of course the most popular “I am too fat”.  None of these mean anything. Learn to be comfortable with who you are at that time. It is you. Trust the photographer. 

When it’s time to have fun and try various poses, please give me a call and let’s arrange a portrait session. We can do studio or other location. For more information on cost click here.

As always, If you are not pleased with the results, your cost is zero.